Good Question Grab Bag Full of Answers

(DAKOTA DUNES, SD/SIOUX CITY, IA) We've been getting a lot of really good question from people wondering things like why does Siouxland News have so many satellite dishes and what do they do or why have some people in Iowa recently had to get new license plates and others haven't?

We found out.

If you've ever driven by the Siouxland News studio you've probably noticed several satellite dishes decorating the side lawn.

"I just wonder what they all do? That's a good Question! Finally," screams Joe Reklaitis and his kids.

One of them was happy this take was a keeper but that's beside the point. It is a good question and our Engineering Department was able to explain how these big white dishes connect with ones 22,500 miles away.

"It's easier to understand it as an interstate. We're able here in Siouxland to take a signal and push it all the way out to space and then the cable company accesses that same satellite and brings the signal down and distributes it to everyone at home," says

Basically if satellite dishes didn't exist, you wouldn't be able to see any of the Siouxland News crew on your TV.

Still, do we really need 11 of them!? Well kind of!

"So you see so many satellites because there's so many different network providers and one satellite on earth can't grab all of them out in space, there are literally hundreds of them."

Makes sense! Moving along. Have you been wondering why some people in Iowa are getting new license plates and others aren't?

It's not just the luck of the draw.

"The old plates, especially the ones with raised letters, the reflectivity is gone on them and so law enforcement can't see those plates well at night," says Mike Clayton, the Woodbury County Treasurer.

The state started issuing new plates this year and will end in 2023 giving counties 10 years to divvy up the program's costs.

The older the plate, the sooner you'll get a new one with a few tweaks.

"On the new ones it starts with letters and ends with numbers and the numbers and everything are black, easier for law enforcement to see plus if you noticed the zeros here have a slash through them, " says Clayton.

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