GOOD QUESTION: Why do Round Pizzas Come in a Square Box?

(SIOUX CITY, IA) More than 1 billion pizzas are delivered each year and guess what? Most of them are transported to your house safely in a cardboard box.

Jake Hayes, of Cherokee Iowa wants to know, why do round pizzas come in a square box?
Good Question.

We've got the answer and it might make you hungry.

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"We feature America's favorites. And one of America's Favorites is pizza so that's why we chose to have that on the menu," says Julie Schoenherr, owner of SoHo Kitchen and Bar.

It's certainly easy enough to make, just get the dough, throw on your favorite toppings and pop it into the oven.

Taking it home, on the other hand, is a bit more difficult. That was the predicament many pie makers found themselves in 50 years ago until the founder of Domino's came up with an idea - to place it in a sturdy square box.

"A round pizza in a square box gives you the space in the corners to store, you know like the taco pizza, where you give them salsa and sour cream as a topping, it gives them that choice to put that on their pizza, so it's the storage in each corner to put that or pepperocini's, etc," says Travis Hersom, cook for SoHo Kitchen and Bar.

Good point but the original purpose was a little more scientific.

The reason a circle pizza is in a square box is because it needs to breathe just like you and me. So the corners allow for that space while the box is cozy enough to keep your pizza warm.

It's all starting to make sense now. Another reason - boxes are easier to stack and most box makers can only cut square boxes.

So what happens if you have a rectangle pizza?

"It won't fit into a square box. The jumbo box is a little bit too small and it's extra wide so it really doesn't fit in that correctly. So we found one box maker that makes this one rectangle box and we're just lucky to have found them," says Schoenherr.

So a rectangle pizza won't fit into a square box but two round pizzas fit perfectly into a rectangle box. A mouthful of geometry where the proof is in the pie.

Here's an interesting fact: when watching the news most people order pizza during the weather!

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