GOOD QUESTION: Yankton Murder Chase Collaboration Safe or Not?

A recent high speed chase and our report by Siouxland News Reporter Beairshelle Edmé has gotten a lot of folks talking about the safety of these dangerous pursuits.

And that's spurred one of our viewers to ask a "good question" about how tactical teams work together.

In our previous report, we talked about precision immobilization training, better known as PIT, which the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office use during chases like that of the Yankton murder suspect.

But Ricky Nelson who saw the footage wondered about the collaborative effort between Sioux City Police Department and Woodbury County Sheriff's Office.

Nelson asked and we answered.

Did the Sioux City Police Department feel the Deputy involved was out of line when he joined the chase at extremely high speeds?

Siouxland News reached out to Police Chief Doug Young for his take.

And he said normally what happened during the Yankton chase wouldn't occur, but this chase was certainly out of the ordinary and across both city and state lines.

Because suspect Joshua Hudson was traveling 100 miles per hour headed outside of city limits and back towards South Dakota, the department coordinated with the sheriff's office to catch the bad guy.

Both the Chief and Sheriff say their proud of their team effort.

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