Gordon Drive Bomgaars Moving into New Store

Sioux City is going to be seeing some more economic growth on its east side of town thanks to an expansion by Bomgaars.

The Gordon Drive Bomgaars is moving about a thousand feet west to the former Wal-Mart building.

Bomgaars bought the property in 2011 in anticipation of the move.

The company says the bigger building will allow for expanded departments, a less cluttered floor, and more job opportunities.

"The growth in our company in town over the last number of years...The east side store has really performed well and a lot of the growth we're seeing in Sioux City has been in that market, in that store. So we're looking to expand and grow even more and serve our customers," says Bomgaars Vice President and CFO Torrey Wingert.

Renovation has already begun in the new building, which hopes to open its doors by late September or early October in anticipation of the holiday season.