Gordon Drive Detour's Effect on Business

Drivers in downtown Sioux City can get ready for a summer of extra turns.

The full detour along Gordon Drive officially started today in downtown Sioux City. The construction has been in progress for months, inconveniencing residents and local businesses.

One local business said their customers didn't realize they were still open.

"We're going to talk to our marketing lady and just do some coupons maybe saying 'Hey, even through the construction we're still going to be open.' We're going to maybe add another open sign and just do some things so people actually know we're still open," said Missy Krusemark of Scooter's Coffee at the intersection of Gordon Drive and Nebraska Street.

The detour reroutes eastbound drivers from Gordon Drive onto Nebraska Street. From there, drivers take 3rd Street, then take a right onto Court Street before finally making it back to Gordon just before the Viaduct.

The reconstruction is part of the Iowa Department of Transportation's expansion of Interstate 29, and is expected to last through the summer.