Halloween Trick Or Treat The Safe Way

It's not quite the night before Christmas, but it may be a close second for many kids getting ready to stuff their pillowcase or plastic bucket with candy Thursday night.

But as Siouxland News learned there's a few other things trick or treaters and their parents should also be thinking about this Halloween.
Goblins, zombies and vampires will all wake from the dead tomorrow for the year's spooky night of fun and trick or treating, but before the kids get dressed up to fill their bags there's some tips you should use to make sure it's a safe Halloween.
Police departments throughout Siouxland are proactively setting 6 p.m. to 8p.m. Thursday evening as a time to trick or treat, and they're asking drivers to take a little a more caution then usual. "The ghosts and goblins are going to be out in full force tomorrow night and while we tell kids not to run across the street and not to run between cars and do those things, we know that they don't always listen in their excitement," said Sioux City Officer Chad Sheehan, crime prevention unit. Going in large groups and with adult supervision is one way to avoid any accidents from happening and being mindful of your costume can help too. Shopping for a costume can be a task in itself, whether it's for kids or adults, but by remembering some simple tips, your look can be scary and safe. For instance, if you're wearing a mask, make sure you or your child is able to see through it to move safely.
As for props, like swords, wands, or pitchforks, make sure they're not as sharp as the real thing.
Also, check costumes to make sure they're flame resistant and have reflective pieces, either built in or placed on, to ensure you or your child will be seen in the evening hours. Most parents Siouxland News spoke with say they're already prepared for the terrors of the night.
"Go with my kids I would never let them go out by themselves," said Grace Cortez. "You do the normal things like check your candy don't let him eat stuff that's unwrapped or anything like that," added one mom. Parents seem to have it all down and for kids, they're worried about one thing.
When we asked Sam Marrinnan on his way to hockey practice 'what's the best part of Halloween' and 'what do you love the most?,' he had one simple answer.
"Collecting candy," said Marinnan.
There's several other important tips for trick-or-treaters and parents to know here. We're also holding a contest for Siouxland's greatest Halloween costume and we'll show off the best costume out there Halloween night on air. For that, head to our facebook page and post a picture of your best look. OR