Hamas: Winning By Losing

How do you lose a war but still come out ahead? According to Middle East experts: by doing what Hamas did, carry out terrorist strategies with near precision. Despite Hamas' actions during the war with Israel, it has a seat at the negotiating table in Cairo. National correspondent Kristine Frazao examines Hamas' tactics. A Palestinian took to the wheel of a construction excavator and intentionally flipped over a passenger bus earlier this week in Jerusalem, killing the bus driver and a bystander. We don't know if Hamas orchestrated the terrorist attack. What we know is that the terror group has won sympathy from around the world during its nearly four week battle with Israel. "There's more sympathy for the Palestinians," said Herman Franssen of the Middle East Institute. "They see that it is now or never." Hamas pulled out all the stops. Spinning a narrative of pain and suffering for the world to see of scores of children and women killed by Israeli bombs and of entire Palestinian neighborhoods leveled. Independent reports found Hamas used civilians as human shields and schools, hospitals and mosques to launch some of the estimated six-thousand rockets it fired at israel. "When you see human suffering like the kind we have seen, and such vastly disproportionate human suffering with very few human casualties and a small number of people killed on the Israeli side versus well over 1,000 people killed on the Palestinian side , that really makes an impact into the perception of the conflict," said President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace Matthew Duss. According to Gaza's health ministry, more than 18 hundred Palestinians died, most of them were civilians, compared to Israel's 67 casualties. Some Middle East observers say a high death count plays right into Hamas' propaganda strategy."There is no question that Hamas sees itself as benefiting from these pictures of dead civilians," said Duss.Benefits that include a raised political profile and a seat at the table in Cairo to get Israel to lift its seven year blockade of the Gaza strip.