Hamilton Boulevard Causes Local Business Headaches

(SIOUX CITY, IA) From tight turns to confusing lane changes, Hamilton Boulevard is nothing short of a mess right now.

"I know, I haven't driven on Hamilton since they started it," said Steve Hein, manager at Braunger's Steak Company.

Businesses are slowly starting to feel the burn from the project that started just a few weeks ago.

"It's definitely affecting us, we can see that it's slowed down some, and I can't blame people, because it's tough driving out there so its gotta scare them away," Hein said.

Hein says sales at Braungers Steak Company have gone down nearly 30 percent in the last few days and he's starting to get a little worried.

"It affects everybody here, I'm concerned about the other businesses in our strip mall here too, not just us," said Hein.

And he's not the only one, Rachel Johnson is the manager at Select Mart.

"I hope it doesn't slow us down much more, you know were doing pretty good, the first day was the roughest," she said.

As if the construction isn't causing enough delay for drivers, the police department has been called out here six times in the last three days for accidents. And Johnson has noticed it too.

"It's kinda crazy out there, pulling out of the store, it's been kinda hectic and there was a few accidents out there yesterday," said Johnson.

But one thing both Johnson and Hein can agree on, their regulars are staying loyal.

"Our regulars are still sticking by us and still coming in," Johnson said.

"We have regular customers, especially people that live close to here that you know they still stop in, but they probably know the area better, so they know a good way to get in and out of here," Hein said.

If you're looking for an alternate route to get away from Hamilton, you can take the back way to get to these businesses. To get into the shopping center where Braungars is, you can come up 14th Street and use the south entrance, and Omaha Street will also take you to Select Mart.