Hard Rock Career Center Opens

Despite efforts to keep it from opening, the Hard Rock Casino has opened a place where potential employees can apply for a job. Located just across the road in the MidAmerican Energy building on Douglas Street, this is where more than 1,800 applicants will be coming to do interviews, training, or just applying. The facility features a seminar room for group orientations, as well as a table game room where new workers get hands-on training to become dealers on the casino floor.Todd Moyer, General Manager of the Hard Rock Casino, said "Right now we have about twelve people on staff. We're going to hire another 512 before we open. So we're getting more aggressive in soliciting applications. We invite everybody to check out our website. That's probably the best and most convenient, fastest way to apply. If you go to Click on that careers button and you can apply right now." The casino tells us they would like to start bringing in interviews as early as Monday.