Hard Rock Casino Spurs Businesses To Move

(SIOUX CITY, IA) - A day after approval to build a new Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City the wheels of progress are already spinning. But the new casino means some longtime businesses will have to move.

Hard Rock Casino plans on starting construction in July and starting next summer. That means their crew has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time. But the Eliades brothers at Milwaukee Weiner House have a lot work to do in a short time, too.Their business is one of the two in the neighborhood that'll have to move to make way for the new casino. They'll be moving to a new location at 4th and Douglas. "We worked out a good deal with the Hard Rock and everyone's going to be happy," said Mike Eliades, co-owner of Milwaukee Weiner House. It's difficult to move out of a building that's been home for years, but there's a bright side. "This is one of the neighborhoods that's been neglected over the years and I think it's going to be a great boost for the economy and Sioux City in general," said Eliades. "Our intent is to push it and make it in that timeline. It's an achievable timeline. It's fast, but I've been involved in a number of construction projects over the years and it's very feasible," said Bill Warner, Sioux City Entertainment President. Daltons Pub is second business that'll have to move. The entry way to Daltons will stay as part of the new hard rock building. "Daltons Pub, we're going to need the facade of Daltons in our facility. It's got the nice historic look to it," said Warner. At this point, it's unclear what the future holds for Daltons. In June, you can expect to see crews knocking down buildings and preparing the site. As soon as the hot dog shop has its new building up and ready to go, they'll move out so Hard Rock can start construction at the current Milwaukee Weiner House site. Hard Rock plans on hiring 180 people during construction.

As for the current casino, the Argosy, MRHD also holds that gaming license. Mark Monson, MRHD's President, says he expects the Argosy to stay up and running until Hard Rock opens. Siouxland News is still waiting for the gaming commission to confirm a timeline.