Hard Rock Casino Grand Opening

It was a night more than a year in the making and the new Hard Rock Casino Hotel finally opened tonight. It all started with a ceremonial guitar smash.It's been 350 days since the Hard Rock broke ground at the old battery factory in Downtown Sioux City, and tonight was the night we've all been waiting for. "Well, I think it's huge. It's the smallest town to have a Hard Rock Casino and it's something the community can be proud of. I know they put a lot of money into it and I'm looking forward to seeing what they've got," said Hard Rock Guest Dave Hardman. Hard Rock General Manager Todd Moyer was making the rounds and could barely control his level of excitement for the big night. "I think just getting the place open, getting people inside and letting them see the inside of this building is awesome," said Moyer. "we just welcomed Aaron Lewis from Staind. He threw out the first roll at the craps table and he's in Anthem now doing an unbelievable show. The place is electric. The vibe, the energy that you feel inside. Gosh, I can't keep telling you about it. You gotta come down here and see it for yourself. You gotta feel it!" Some guests had waited in line for hours and made sure they brought enough cash for the evening. "Blackjack! I got about $500 here, but the line is crazy," said Hard Rock Guest Eric Schemmel. The Hard Rock's first official concert begins tomorrow with their Summerland Tour, headlined by the world famous band Everclear. The official grand opening of Hard Rock Casino was Friday at 8 o'clock. We were able to get in early on Friday for a sneak peek of what you can expect.The main casino floor features more than 800 slot machines and 20 table games.The entire facility has three restaurants and bars, along with an 800-seat concert venue and a 54-room hotel. Memorabilia from Rock N' Roll icons can be seen all over the casino, part of a traveling exhibit that includes stops at all Hard Rock casinos and cafes. "I, you know, I hope they don't realize it is going to be this good. I think, you know, they are going to walk in expecting just a casino and some slot machines, and I want to just see them go wow. It's fantastic stuff," said Memorabilia Curator Warwick Stone.