Hard Rock Casino Officials Move Forward Despite Recent Ruling

Now what?
That's the question being asked by many people in Siouxland following a court ruling that puts the future of the new Hard Rock Casino in jeopardy.
Tuesday a judge in Des Moines issued a ruling that forces the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC) to retract the issuing of a license for the new casino.

That ruling is just part of a legal battle being waged by the current gambling operation, the Argosy Casino.
The latest on the decision that's left many in the community wondering what's going to happen.
It seems that not much has changed.
Construction at the Hard Rock Casino site hasn't stopped as of early Wednesday afternoon.

Both Sioux City Entertainment and the IRGC have expressed their confidence in their past actions and that the pending lawsuits will rule in their favor. Regardless, the parties are still dealing with the aftermath of Tuesday's ruling that granted a stay on the Hard Rock Casino's gaming license.
Despite the serious halt this may place on the casino's plans, Hard Rock officials are prepared to move forward, Wednesday's construction is a testimony to that.
As for the IRGC, it denies the allegations that board members violated the Argosy's rights by awarding the license to Sioux City Entertainment and the Hard Rock proposal. "You know given the circumstances, uh, you know, we still feel comfortable with our actions up to this point," said IRGC Administrator Brian Ohorilko. "But there was no undo influence on the- to the commission during the process." A process that the Commission says was unique but doesn't mean its proceedings were any different from those of the past 20 years.
But in his ruling, Polk County Judge Robert Hanson said there's a substantial possibility that The Argosy will succeed on the merits of its case.
The Hard Rock Project however is fully underway, with an estimated investment of more than $120 million dollars.
The casino was on track to open next summer, but that's now in doubt if it doesn't have a gaming license. The Argosy has filed two lawsuits.
A case against MHRD won't be heard until April.
And a suit filed against the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission won't be heard until next December.
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