Hartley City Council Confirms Police Chief Firing

Hartley, Iowa's City Council has voted to confirm Mayor Clayton Pyle's Jan. 3 decision to fire former Police Chief Mark Younie.

In a special City Council meeting tonight, the Council voted unanimously to uphold the Mayor's order relieving Younie of his duties.

Younie, his supporters and an attorney attended the meeting, which came after 350 Hartley residents turned in a petition protesting the Mayor's decision to fire Younie.

"Tonight it's over, so I can move on with the next chapter in my life," Younie said afterwards. "We are committed to staying here in Hartley, so it may not be in law enforcement for me in the future. But that's the way it is, so be it."

None of the council members would talk with us about the decision.

Nobody who spoke at the meeting had anything negative to say about Younie's time as police chief.