Heavy Flooding Disastrous to Local Farmers

Most farmers would tell you rain is a good thing, but last week's crazy storms were their worst nightmare. "Well, it depends on your neighborhood. There are multiple things that have gone on. Just from the heavy rains in some locations we've had standing water. On the flatter farms, the water doesn't necessarily have a place to go so the water stays standing," said Field Agronomist Joel DeJong. Siouxland has experienced an absolutely brutal week or two of weather. and that weather could also be devastating to local farmers who could see entire harvests potentially ruined. Earlier today, Governor Branstad touched on the flooding. "It's hard to predict where these things might happen. I mean, a month ago we're talking about Rock Valley, Rock Rapids and Northwest Iowa being the driest part of the state. Now all of a sudden, that's where we have the worst flooding a month later. So, this can change overnight," said Branstad. Luckily for most farms, not all is lost. "There's a lot of producers that have some acres gone and other acres that are still ok. Most of them have a lot of them spread out over different areas and it's kind of rare when somebody has all their acres gone, but it has happened," said DeJong. Soybean farmers may even have a chance to replant the crop. "We still have hopes that the weather turns around and gets warmer and dry and maybe we'll get an opportunity to try and replant some soybeans. The yield will probably be reduced, but you hate to give up. So, were going to have to play that by ear and see what happens," said DeJong. And if the weather holds up, they might just get that window of opportunity.