High Tech Eye Care

An eye clinic in Dakota Dunes is the first in the United States with a new high tech way to measure your vision.

It's the Visionix 120, and right now you'll only find it in the Dunes. It combines a few different tests into one very precise machine, so there's a good chance it'll make your next eye exam much quicker.

"It's efficient, versus having to go from step to step. And again, in a world of advanced eye care and advanced vision and medical care, multiple screening tests are done to provide a ton of information in a pretty efficient manner, so this makes it even more efficient faster, more comprehensive," said Dunes Eye Consultants Dr. Steven Ferguson. The machine does everything from glaucoma testing to dry eye assessments. It'll even make a map of the cornea. Dr. Ferguson says the whole process only takes about 90 seconds.