Nearly 100 Jobs Open in Vermillion

(VERMILLION, SD) - Unemployment rates in Iowa and South Dakota dropped as a new Vermillion office opened its doors for hiring.

Medical billing company Alleviant held a job fair Thursday welcoming interested job seekers. The new office expects to hire 80 to 90 positions in the next 30-40 days. The positions are analysts for the company who work with doctors and patients to make sure medical bills are paid correctly. "We're trying to control and lower the cost of health care. And that's a really big topic now not only locally, but nationally. And if we can put good folks to work in that effort then we're doing a lot of service not only to the community, but just in general to health care," said John Boland, Alleviant Managing Director. "It'd be a blessing honestly. I wouldn't have to work so much and have more free time to myself and I'd be able to pay my bills," said job seeker Anna Marie Hinds. Here in the Tri-State, Nebraska's unemployment rate stayed the same at 3.8 percent.