Ho-Chunk Celebrates Expansion; Remodeling of Downtown Offices

Ho-Chunk, Incorporated is celebrating a new expansion at its building in downtown Sioux City.

Blue Earth Marketing has been a subsidiary of Ho-Chunk, Incorporated since it was founded in 2004.

The company specializes in marketing, public relations, and advertising for clients in seven states, as well as multiple countries around the globe.

The marketing company chose the new location thanks to recent remodeling and expansion of the Ho-Chunk Centre at 4th and Nebraska Streets in Downtown Sioux City. Members of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce were also on hand to welcome the company to its new location.

"What they do is they really make us look like a professional company. And they really put that really positive spin on what we do and they've been very helpful to what we do. They're... what they are is kind of like a partner to every one of our subsidiaries and they're a critical piece of how we grow in the future I think," said Ho-Chunk CEO Lance Morgan.

The ceremony was followed by a presentation of new renovations to the building and company as well.