Hot Temperatures in City Skywalk Raises Concerns

The skywalk is supposed to keep people out of extreme weather, but right now many people are choosing to walk outside because some parts of the elevated walkway are hotter than the temperatures on the street.

For tourists and locals alike, the skywalk serves as a connecting system throughout Sioux City's downtown area.

But now, as the temperatures rise, some people are choosing to walk outside rather than inside because of the heat.

"Oh, it's hot in here. It's been hot for the last couple weeks, yeah. You just, you take a beating by the sun," says one man.

"I don't know if the air conditioning system isn't working or if it's each building that has to provide the air conditioning for their chunk of skywalk, but its really, really warm," says one woman.

"It's got to be 90 degrees outside; it's got be 90 in here. It's very warm so, it's uncomfortable," adds another passerby.

And those predictions are spot on. Right around 90 degrees is the temperature on a thermometer above one skywalk entrance.

And as the day progresses, discomfort continues.

At 11 o'clock in the morning, temperatures are almost at a 100 degrees in the skywalk and that's what has citizens concerned.

While most people agreed that the temperatures were uncomfortable, others say not all the walkway feels so stuffy.

"I don't think it's too bad. There's one hallway that was pretty warm; otherwise, it's not that bad," says one woman.

Downtown Partners, which brings recommendations to the City's Parking & Skywalk Board, says it's aware of the varying temperatures.

"We try to maintain the skywalks as best we can. We meet monthly--any concerns usually come through the skywalk board so we address those as quickly as we can," says Ragen Cote, Downtown Partner's executive director.

With temperatures as hot as they are lately, there's still no word on when the board will make the next set of repairs.

If you'd like to make a complaint or suggestion for the skywalk, you can contact Downtown Partners at 712-252-0014 or at