Hy-Vee Mainstreet Store Opens in Sioux City

      Take a look at the new Hy-Vee Mainstreet store on the 2600 block of Pierce Street in Sioux City, and you'll realize you've never seen a Hy-Vee like this in Siouxland before.

      "This one's the first one built from the ground up," said Darin Turner, the new store director.

      Sioux City's Mainstreet store had a grand opening on Tuesday, April 8th, replacing the old Hy-Vee Drug store on Pierce and Stone Park Boulevard.

      There are currently Hy-Vee Mainstreet stores in Lincoln, NE, Muscatine, IA and Unionville, IA.

      If you want to know what it's like inside, just imagine a regular 80,000 sq. ft. Hy-Vee and shrink it down to 14,000 sq. ft.

      "This one's specially developed for areas like this in a town like Sioux City," said Turner.

      The store has a lot of the basics, plus a grill, a meat counter and a Pharmacy.

      Sioux City Council member Keith Radig says this new store is just right for the Pierce Street neighborhood.

      "This area has a lot of walkers currently," said Radig. "People that get around with no other modes of transportation and people that just want to walk for fitness reasons.

      The new store cost $3 million, Hy-Vee also hired 60 new employees for the Mainstreet store.