IA State Auditor: State Budget "Serves Iowans Well"

State Auditor Mary Mosiman stopped by the Siouxland News Studios today to talk about her audit of Iowa's Fiscal Year 2014 budget.

Mosiman says the state has made leaps and bounds in reversing some of its past problems with using one-time money for general spending items.

She added that the process could stand to have even more transparency.

"We're in a pretty healthy state, this is a really good budget that serves Iowans well," Mosiman said. "We do have transparency issues that we need to work on, and we also have two new laws that hit the books: the property tax reform law and the education reform law. These are laws that were enacted by our 2013 Legislature and signed by the Governor, and they will have a positive impact on Iowans."

The State of Iowa's FY 2014 budget is $6.5 billion.