Sights & Sounds Of Independance Day Celebration In Le Mars, Iowa

America celebrates 236 years as the greatest country in the world, and on this holiday it's important to take the time to remember that freedom isn't free.

KMEG 14's Jacob Heller was in Le Mars, Iowa for Independence Day.

Please play the video to see the sights and hear the sounds of that town's annual celebration.

"I'd rather be here on the 4th of July than in Afghanistan," said Iowa Army National Guard Spc. Ryan Baue.

"All veterans who stood ready in peace or war to answer the call, to defend our liberties, we appreciate," said Le Mars Mayor Dick Kirchoff.

"We remember the brave patriotic men and women who gave so much for us," said Tom Fischer, Chaplain of the American Legion's Wasmer Post #241. "We thank them that we are a free nation and a free people."

"We need to take time to think about the lives of all veterans, both living and passed away, and the sacrifices that they've made so our country can be where it is today," said Spc. Baue.

"It is through them that we carry forward the ideas of justice, freedom, and democracy," said Fischer.