Introducing Facebook to Seniors

(SIOUX CITY, IA) Facebook may have started as a site for college kids, but the fastest growing group of Facebook users today are seniors.

That's why the Siouxland Senior Center holds two-day classes to help new users get connected.

Dodie McManamy has been teaching computer classes at the Siouxland Senior Center for about five years. In August 2012, she's taking on Facebook.

"They're a little bit afraid of things; afraid of technology. And when we're finished with this class, that's our goal, is that they won't be afraid of it and they'll be ready to jump in," said Dodie McManamy, the class instructor.

"When I got a new computer, my family wanted me to be able to get on and share information. That's basically why. I have a lot of sisters out of town," said Caroline Mace, a student taking the class.

For some, Facebook isn't a totally new concept.

"My grand kids taught me how to do it. But I just decided I wanted to learn how to do it better. Some of the background of it," said student, Jo Walsh.

Dodie takes them step by step trying to get them to understand how Facebook works in every aspect possible.

"Some of the terminology I don't understand. Like what's 'Poke' mean?" said Mace.

"Well, a lot of them don't want to do it because they're not that familiar with computers, but some of them don't want to because they worry about their privacy," said Walsh.

So part of the class focuses on security settings.

"If they can just find that area on Facbeook that they can set those privacy settings, then they'll know that, they'll feel safe," explained McManamy.

"Who is this person wanting to be my friend? I don't recognize this person. Maybe this person is from my past and I don't remember them," laughed Mace. "Because something like that I'm very cautious about who wants to be my friend."

Now these students are ready to "poke" their real-world friends onto the Internet.

"I have a friend who'd really like to learn around a computer. So she would like to take classes and I just feel like you should just continue to better yourself," said Walsh.

The Senior Center is holding a second session of Facebook classes next week, August 20. The bad news is it's already full, but there are other computer classes, too.
Visit or call 712-255-1729 for more information.