Warmer Temperatures Leaving Iowa DOT Slower than Expected

(SIOUX CITY, IA) From Spring-like weather, to snow and ice. The Iowa DOT began prepping roads last night for the snow storm Thursday but now officials say they're done, at least for now.

The roads are clear, thanks in part to the Iowa DOT prepping them last night but we can also thank mother nature for taking it easy on us.

"Its pretty minor event, we kind of lucked out. It started out with a lot of rain so I think the accumulation is low for that reason," said Todd Cogdill, the Sioux City DOT Highway Maintenance Supervisor.

The same can't be said for the middle of the state where snow fall was expected to be a few inches if not more.

The worst of the storm here in Siouxland was earlier on where a few accidents left some injured.

A black SUV came over the hill East on Glenn Avenue only to find another car stuck in the middle of the road.

The Black SUV had no where to go and ended up slamming into a pole. One person was injured.

And then there was a grain truck that tipped over near the Nature Center. Grain spilled all over the highway and left the front of the truck mangled.

But now...

"Pretty much wrapping up," said Cogdill.

He says the warmer temperatures have melted ice and snow leaving the roads looking pretty good.

Even still, the Iowa DOT is watching for slick spots just in case.

"We keep a close eye on the temperatures that maybe some refreeze or the rain would change to freezing rain or something like that. We're always ready when more cold weather comes," he said.

It helps when you're literally able to watch road conditions 24/7.

"We monitor the Iowa DOT cameras, we have several of them throughout the area as far as for weather conditions, for traffic accidents or any other problems that arise. We monitor, we use iPads a lot for reporting road conditions on the 511 map, cars reporting. And we monitor the weather a lot on the iPads," he said.

The DOT says, as always, slow down when driving so that you don't end up having an accident.