Iowa House Passes Anti-Bullying Bill

Bullying is a problem facing many schools across Iowa, and now it looks like lawmakers may be close to giving the state's schools more guidelines and more powers in fighting that problem. A vote on new anti-bullying legislation is coming. But the question remains, does it go far enough?"I think this bill could go further I think there are pieces of it that aren't included that would make it a more robust proposal and give teachers more tools," said Democratic State Rep. Chris Hall of Sioux City. The bill may not go as far as hoped for, but it gives schools new authority to monitor what kids do outside of school. "Things that we've read about, that I've read about, that jump out to me are some of the changes that they've included social media and social networking. They've implanted that we can follow our policies, things that happen off campus," said Bill McKelvey, Principal at Sergeant Bluff-Luton Middle School.The bill's status remains unknown beyond the house."I expect the bill to pass in its current format of the house chamber. I don't have a good sense of whether or not it's going to be taken up in the senate, but I think there's some potential for this bill to be passed out of both chambers and hopefully signed into law," said Rep. Hall.The bill is a step in the right direction and would give schools a universal code to operate around."I think the bill will give us a great guideline. I think it's always, just like with teachers, always about going above and beyond to make a difference. But I think it'll still leave us with some room to work with," said McKelvey.Now the measure moves to the state senate where its fate is in question. Meanwhile, the governor has indicated he approves of the changes and would probably sign the bill into law...