Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley Holds Town Hall Meeting

With the Senate being out of session this week, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley made his yearly trip through Iowa counties, speaking with voters about issues that are affecting people right here in Iowa.

"We may have a few differences in opinion, but I think all and all he's doing a fantastic job," said Loren Little of Sac City.

Little crowded in to the Sac County Conservation Center with plenty of other residents here to talk about pressing issues facing Iowans. One of his questions concerned speed limits and tickets.

"The federal highway department kept getting on the middle western states over speed limits and stuff, when nobody back in the beltway and Washington D.C. drive less than 85 miles an hour," Little said.

Grassley touched on the Secret Service scandal, saying the White House has not responded to him concerning his questions about the involvement of White House employees and the prostitution ring in Colombia.

He says he wrote a 14 question letter to the President over a week ago and has yet to hear back from the White House; and even though prostitution is legal in most of the countries where these incidents occurred, Grassley feels they threatened the safety of our country and our President.

"We have had too many countries, throughout our history use prostitution as a way of blackmailing people who have state secrets and were talking about protecting the President of the United States, and we're talking about our national security. That has to have the highest priorities and these Secret Service people possibly compromised the protection for the President and our national secrets," said Senator Grassley.

Grassley will be in Spencer and Emmetsburg tomorrow, speaking with other voters and students.