Iowa's Caucus History: What Does the January Decision Mean?

Iowa's caucuses put the state in the national spotlight each presidential race, but how well will the results January 3rd predict who ends up in the White House?

With the caucus only a few days away more than 100,000 Iowans are expected to decide on who they'll support as the nation's next president.

Iowa's first in the nation caucus puts the "Hawkeye State" in a unique political position, but will January's vote be a clear indication of what's to come in the race for President? It was in 2000.

Republican Iowa caucus goers picked George Bush while democrats picked Al Gore. Both won party nominations with Bush winning the White House.

In 2008's election Mike Huckabee was Iowa's Republican winner; he got 34% of the vote while Senator John McCain, the eventual Republican Party nominee, was tied for third winning over only 13% of Iowa.

As for the Democrats in '08, it was Barrack Obama winning with 38% and eventually securing his party's nomination. Two victories that took him all the way to the White House.

The decision Iowa voters will make on January 3rd at caucus precincts around the state, like West Middle School in Sioux City, doesn't always indicate who'll end up President; just look at the caucus of 1992.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin won the Democratic Party's caucus vote by a landslide with 76% of the vote.

Bill Clinton finished third out of five candidates, with only 3% of the vote.

Those results were definitely not a sign of things to come, because Clinton became our nation's 42nd president.

So a poor showing in Iowa does not mean zero chance of becoming Commander-in-Chief.

If you want to participate in the caucus January 3rd here is a list of Republican caucus locations in Woodbury County:

You must be signed in before 7 p.m. - Doors open at 6 p.m.

Pct 1-6 - West Middle School, 3301 West 19th Street

Pct 7-10 - North Middle School, 2101 Outer Dr N

Pct 11-15 and 28 Irving School, 901 Floyd Blvd

Pct 16-17 Central Baptist Church, 4001 Indian Hills Dr.

Pct 18-19 Leeds Elementary, 3919 Jefferson St.

Pct 20-21 Morningside Assembly of God, 4310 Old Lakeport Rd.

Pct 22-24 Western Iowa Tech, 4647 Stone Ave.

Pct 25-27 East High School, 5011 Mayhew Ave.

Pct 29 and 34 - Sergeant Bluff Community Center, 903 Topaz Drive

Pct 30 - Sloan Town Hall, 423 Evans, Sloan

Pct 31 - Hornick Town Hall, 415 Main, Hornick

Pct 32 and 43 - United Methodist Church of Anthon, Anthon

Pct 33 - Kingsley/Pierson Middle School - 321 4th St, Pierson

Pct 35 - Moville Community Center - 815 Main St, Moville

Pct 36 - Lawton/Bronson High School - 100 Tara Way, Lawton

Pct 37 - Lawton Bronson Elementary - 115 W. 1st, Bronson

Pct 38 - Salix Community Methodist Church - 603 Poplar, Salix

Pct 39 - First Baptist Church, 10 Deer Run Trail, Climbing Hill

Pct 40 and 44 - Community Center - 312 Driftwood, Correctionville

Pct 41 - First State Bank - 202 Main St, Danbury

Pct 42 - Bromander home, 3102 Hwy 141, Smithland

Democratic Party Caucus Precincts are at:

North High School, 4200 Cheyenne Boulevard Sioux City

West High School, 2001 Casselman Street, Sioux City

Sergeant Bluff High School, 708 Warrior Road, Sergeant Bluff

If you live outside of Woodbury County, please check your county's web site for your caucus location.