IRS Scandal Investigation Heats Up

The emails, from Lois Lerner's work issued blackberry to a friend, are about conservative talk show hosts and those who call into their shows. Lerner apparently called them A-holes. She adds "We don't need to worry about alien terrorists, it's our own crazies that will take us down""This latest revelation is just confirmation that what the IRS was doing was a political witch hunt against conservative tea party groups nothing more nothing less," said President of Taxpayers Protection Alliance David Williams. Many members of Congress are calling for action, including House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp. He sent this letter to the justice department saying the emails show Lerner did indeed target conservatives and denied them equal protection under the law, also calling for an immediate and aggressive investigation. Throughout the course of this investigation, Lois Lerner has refused to testify citing her fifth amendment right. With Congress getting ready for a month long recess from Washington, some are accusing Republicans of spending too much time and energy on so-called scandals and distractions. "In order for things to happen they have to govern so endless hearings attacking the administration, OK you can do that but you also need to carry on the work that's needed in order to keep the government functional," said David Lublin of American University.

For now it's evidence the IRS investigation remains far from over.

To see all of the emails go to: