Jack Hoffman's Cancer Fight Continues

Along with the highs, this summer has brought lows for Jack Hoffman He says he feels fine, but a recent doctor appointment revealed jack's brain tumor had grown."The doctor told us from the beginning with his type of tumor, you know, even if you can get it to stabilize there is a better than 50% chance that it would start growing again," said Jack's mother Bri Hoffman. Bri says they are now weighing there options for his next treatment. "One of them is a clinical trial which we're strongly considering which targets a specific mutation that's in his brain tumor. It's a newer drug, so we're considering that and a few other chemo regimens as well" Jack has become the poster child for pediatric brain cancer awareness, his spring game run spoke so loudly to so many people. Jack may be a shy, quiet kid, but the family felt compelled to take the attention and run with it. "What does God intend us to do with all this media attention and all this support we've received and that's kinda what we came up with," said Bri.The 'Team Jack Foundation' has raised more than a million dollars and counting. They did not ask for the attention, certainly did not want the diagnosis, but now they are doing what they can, and hope other give too. If you want to help Jack with his fight against pediatric brain cancer please visit