Jackson Pollock Display Located in Sioux City

It's likely you pass the Sioux City Art Center everyday, but there's about to be a big change to what's inside. And it wasn't easy to acquire this rare piece. "I started off by asking. Then, I proved that we could do it and had the funds to do itthat we could provide the security and the environmental controls to take care of the painting and have it here," said Art Director Al Harris-Fernandez. Jackson Pollock is largely credited with influencing the abstract expressionist movement and now Sioux City has a chance to appreciate Mural in its original form. "This is an opportunity for people to see the painting as fresh as it was when it was painted which is a really great opportunity," said Harris-Fernandez. The painting is estimated to be worth more than $150-million and is now located in Sioux City until April. The display opens to the public on July 12th and it won't just feature the famous Mural. "We'll start working on Monday to put in all the rest of the graphics and wall panels and other things. We're going to be showing a couple of films at the same time. We have a famous film of Jackson Pollock painting on glass so you can see how he approached it. We also have a biography of his story that was made for the museum of modern artthey did a big retrospective on his work," said Harris-Fernandez. To the average eye Mural may look like a bunch on random lines. But if you look close enough, you might see something staring back.