Jamal Dean's Brother Levon Pleads for His Safe Return

(SIOUX CITY, IA/OMAHA, NE) In a message from jail the brother of police shooting suspect Jamal Dean pleads for his brother to surrender.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, Jamal's younger brother Levon Dean is speaking out. It's been 5 days since police say Jamal opened fire and struck a Sioux City police officer in the head. Now, the search has expanded to include Omaha.

Late Thursday night, Omaha police searched a house they believe Jamal may have been hiding in but found nothing.

Back here in Sioux City, Jamal's brother Levon sat with his father and talked directly to Jamal in hopes that he's watching.

"They got a lot of money on his head right now and it'd be safe for him to just turn himself in," says Levon Dean.

As Levon Dean wipes away tears, a kind of brotherly love can be seen in this jailhouse interview.

"I don't want no more, I don't want my brother to get hurt man," he says.

Family members, police officers and the general public have been waiting for Jamal to either turn himself in or be caught but it is now day 5 and Jamal is still on the run.

Mark Martinez, from the US Marshal's Task force in Omaha says there's a possibility he's headed south.

"We've been getting tips from the general public now as well as information from the Sioux City Police Department and the United states Marshal run task force in that area," says Martinez.

Federal task forces are set up around the country and in times like this those districts work together to put criminals behind bars.

"We go after the most dangerous out there and so the general public needs to call 911 and then let the experts take care of it," he says.

And as the manhunt expands Jamal's family is concerned this could all end with his death.

"I'd rather have him here then get shot by one of these cops," says Levon Dean.

"We're well trained and the circumstances are going to dictate how we handle it," says Martinez.

A 15 thousand dollar reward remains for the capture of Jamal Dean. Brother Levon dean is expected to be in court Friday, May 10th, 2013. He was wanted for 1st degree robbery, 1st degree burglary and 2nd degree theft.