4th District Candidate Jim Mowrer Makes Campaign Stop in Sioux City

(SIOUX CITY, IA) The democrat who's hoping to unseat Representative Steve King in Iowa's 4th Congressional District is hitting the ground running. Jim Mowrer officially kicked off his campaign earlier this summer and now he's got congressional backing from a Maryland Representative.

"My life has been about serving Iowa and serving my country," said Mowrer.

Jim Mowrer is getting his campaign into gear - he stopped at Tratorria Fresco in Downtown Sioux City to talk about why you should give him a chance in Washington.

'My entire career has been about service and this is just another opportunity for me to serve," he said.

He's got a military resume - serving 23 months in the Iraq war. He was also the Special Assistant to the Under Secretary of the Army at the Pentagon.

"One thing that I would always tell my soldiers in Iraq, on the army uniforms, it said US army. And I said that US really just stands for us. Because we were pretty far out in the desert and the only thing that mattered when things got rough was the soldier on your left and your right," said Mowrer.

But Mowrer has an uphill battle in a district where Republicans outnumber democrats by a wide margin.
Last year former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack raised millions and even brought Bill Clinton to Sioux City to campaign for her. She still lost to King.

"I think people are unhappy with their representation they're looking for a good alternative, it's a new election, I'm a different candidate," he said.

Mowrer says Congress needs somebody who will reach across the aisle to find a solution - a more moderate politician. Representative Steve King proudly touts his conservative credentials.

It's that centrist mentality that captured Current Maryland Congressman John Delaney's attention and ultimately his full support.

"That's really defined my term so far in congress is working in a bipartisan way and I've accomplished a lot legislatively on a bipartisan basis particularly around economic policy which is somewhat unique in this country and I want more people who do that," said Delaney.

Mowrer says if elected he'd like to get a Farm Bill enacted and work towards economic development by investing in the infrastructure and the future of America.