Jolly Time Kernel's for Kindness Campaign Winners

"I was so excited. Martha had nominated us as you know for the Kernels for Kindness and it went awhile and didn't really hear anything. And when it sent us a congratulation letter, yeah I was beyond ecstatic. It was great," said Cindy Brodie, the founder of the Partners for Patriots.

Out of 6,620 nominations, the non-profit organization was one of many proud winners. Jolly Time Pop Corn's Kernel for Kindness awarded $1,000 to one hundred individuals and groups, for simple acts that bring joy and happiness to others. Founder Cindy Brodie says she loves training the dogs. "We have people written us you know they don't know what to do without them," said Brodie.

The non-profit organization was founded in 2009, training rescue dogs to help disabled veterans with post-traumatic disorder, sight and hearing impairment and other medical conditions. The service dogs are trained to assist with household tasks and assisting with daily activities. Trainer Cindy Brodie says the award will be a big help. Brodie said, "in the mean time, it helps us to acquire dogs so we can begin some of the training, pay for some of the foods to keep the dogs." Everyone in Partners for Patriots is a volunteer. Sloan residents Joe and Mary Lander were also recipients of the $1,000 award. "It's fantastic. Jolly Time is great family owned company that's been around for a hundred years. That money will go to one of our organizations we help out," said Lander. The Lander tragically lost their son and daughter, Amy and Jake, in two separate car accidents. And for the last decade, the Lander have hosted an annual softball tournament, raising over 60-thousand dollars for civic projects like baseball fields, schools, libraries, fire departments and county fairs. "Whoever's needing money we just kind of spread it around and make everybody happy as possible," said Lander.