Juan Nino-Estrada Trial Ends

Final arguments were made in the Nino-Estrada trial earlier today. Woodbury County Attorney Terry Ganzel plead to the jurors, saying that the evidence against Estrada was overwhelming. "Luis Sanchez, with the knife in his back and gunshot wound to his leg, makes some directive about getting rid of the paraphernalia and drugs and all this kind stuff," said Ganzel. Public Defender Mike Williams then got his turn. He reminded jurors of the definition of reasonable doubt. He also reminded them about the facts that still don't add up. "He's up there and he's hiding, no other rational explanation," said Williams. "He's up there and he's hiding. What's he doing? He's watching? I don't think so. There was a struggle going on up there." Ganzel was then granted a final rebuttal. A last chance to convince jurors of Nino-Estrada's guilt. "The defendant wants to talk about how he was surrounded and the attic was a trap. Well.... Yeah, the attic was a trap for Michael Delgado and Yolanda Valdez. They couldn't get out of there," Ganzel said. And that was it. District Judge Jeffrey Poulson read the jurors their instructions and they deliberated. After a nearly 2 week trial, it barely took two hours for jurors to reach a verdict. "It's ordered and decreed that the defendant has been found guilty of two counts of murder in the first degree, one count of attempted murder and one count of willful injury," said Poulson. Iowa state law mandates a life sentence for any guilty verdict on a 1st degree murder charge. Nino-Estrada will have the opportunity to appeal.