KKK Application Taped to Middle School Locker

Eighth-graders in a Des Moines suburb found a Ku Klux Klan application form taped on the outside of a student's locker.

Dante Johnson-Taylor, 14, who is African-American, went home on May 9th to tell his mother, Tara Patterson. She went to the school to speak with principal Daniel Meyer.

Thursday, Patterson told the Des Moines Resister that her son was hurt and "it's not a joke." Dante told his mother that the person who taped the application to his locker was someone he knew and thought was his friend.

Meyer classified this incident as bullying, and Patterson wanted the student to be expelled for some time. School officials would not disclose if they took any disciplinary actions.

Patterson did say Meyer called to help organize a meeting for an apology from the student.