"Know Your Milk" Tour Shows Moms Milk's Origins

Dairy products are vital to our lives in the Midwest, but have you ever wondered where they really come from?

The Western Iowa Dairy Alliance and South Dakota Farm Families partnered together today to give Siouxland shoppers the chance to see where it all begins: straight from the source.

Forty moms were chosen to participate in the "Know Your Milk" tour, and visit farms near Le Mars, Iowa and Alcester, South Dakota to ask questions about how the cows are cared for and ensure there's no chemical concerns.

They also met with a representative from Wells Enterprises to find out about processing of dairy products.

"We wanted everybody to know these are family farmers that are growing out here. A lot of people don't realize they're family farms and a lot of people working on the farms are family farmers. We want them to know that we care about what we're doing you know, we provide them with safe food," said dairy farmer Dawn Scheier. "What other way to do it than have...on the farm and let them see what's going on."

Each of the selected moms received $50 in grocery gift cards courtesy of the Western Iowa Dairy Alliance and South Dakota Farm Families.