Lambrecht Auction Brings Economic Boost to Tri-State Region

All eyes were on the big bucks spent on classic cars last weekend at the Lambrecht Chevy Auction in Pierce, Nebraska.

But that's not the only place car enthusiasts spent their hard earned dollars.
In fact, business owners in and around Pierce are earning a pretty penny too.
With a population of a little less than 2,000 people, Pierce, Nebraska is by no means a hub of big Wall Street business or revenue.

But this past weekend, as over 20,000 people flocked to the small town for the Chevy auction, dollars were flowing in. "It's been huge. These guys came to town and they came to town with money and it's been great for a small golf course like the Pierce Community Golf Course. It's huge because all of us are struggling right now so it was good. It was a very good weekend," said Jim Raabe, general manager of the golf course next door to the field housing the auction. Small businesses all around have also reaped the benefits of this past weekend's auction. Food trucks owners, who aligned every inch of the auction, say it's much needed boost in revenue. "We've never done anything this big. We usually do farm sales and that kind of thing, so it's been-- it's been much higher than I guess we expected, so we're happy," said Co-Owner of Tinker Concessions & Catering Mike Tinker. Higher sales have been the experience throughout the region from Omaha to Norfolk to Sioux City, where local food and hotel industries say the masses of people this weekend have up'ed their services and income. "It affected business substantially. We have a restaurant inside here and they also had way more customers than we usually have" said Norfolk Country Inn's Michael Wallace. "We have 125 rooms in our hotel, all rooms were used since past Tuesday so it's been a lot of people coming through." OR