Lantis Family Carries Family Tradition with Fireworks Show

As people take in the sights and sounds of Independence day, the Lantis family has been gearing up for tonight's big fireworks displays.

They've got several shows planned around the area.

It takes weeks and the family has been doing it for nearly 70 years.

Today, we got to see some of the hard work that makes the magic in the skies every Fourth of July.

Year after year, customers line up at the Lantis Fireworks store to enjoy what the Lantis family has mastered every fourth of July.

Down to the last wire, the crew not only opens up the store to last minute buyers, they also prepare for their own sparkly, unique bonanza.

"There's a lot of shows going on and their pretty, and not just because we shoot them--they are pretty," said Don Lantis, Owner of Lantis Fireworks Company.

The Lantis fireworks are not just pretty, they're a technical powerhouse giving viewers synchronized explosive entertainment.

For the team that means weeks of preparation, intense hours and passion to produce sparks in the sky.

Tonight's fireworks display will take place here at the Lewis and Clark Park for the Sioux City Explorers and Lantis promises, you will certainly enjoy the show.

And many people around town expect no less than a good time.

"Big color, big boom and bright lights" (butt) "I like watching the fireworks and hanging out with family and running around the park," said local residents.

For Don, that's what it's all about: family, fun, and celebrating the freedom he once fought for.

"It's very important because people say 'oh yeah I remember my mom and dad... we all got together and we had-- with my aunt and uncles and we all had a nice fourth of July' and this is the fourth and its very cool," said Lantis.

And tonight, Don will be taking his own advice, surrounded with family and friends as he continues a legacy and tradition.

At 72, Don will still be manning the fort tonight and definitely not looking to stop anytime soon.

One of his shows begins tonight after the Explorers game.

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