How Much Will Santa and Parents Pay for Gifts This Year?

Many people have finished their Christmas shopping, but for Saint Nick, his job has only just begun.

Santa took a little time out of busy schedule to Siouxland News exactly what kids want this year, and we calculated how much it may cost.

But first, we went to the source, kids.

Siouxland News asked 'What do you want for Christmas this year?'

"I want Barbie Dreamhouse... Xbox 1...Um, I want a game called just dance 2014," said the three kids of the Linden Family of Sioux City.

"Train and control car, control truck, and control plane," said Juan Argueta of Sioux City.

"A trampoline, a blow-up Santa, a star for our Christmas tree and a necklace for my mom," said 4- year-old Miah Hillman.

"An electric scooter and that's pretty much it, I don't know," said 9-year-old Carsten Calvillo.

Millions of boys and girls have made their list, checked it twice, and now it's up to Santa to deliver in two days.

But exactly what gifts has Santa received request for this year?

"Kids are asking for a lot of things. A lot of electronics, a lot of robotics, um iPads, iPods, uh tablets, laptops, you name it," said Santa Claus, who took a break from his duties to visit us in the Siouxland News studio.

That means Santa or his special helpers will pay a pretty penny for presents this year.

According to Toys 'R' Us, the hot list of 2013 Christmas toys ranges from $30 to $500.

50 years ago, the most wanted toy - walkie talkies - weren't nearly as expensive as modern day gifts.

The popular LeapPad costs about $150, while the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse is about $130, and the XBox One or the iPad that Santa's been eyeing for some kids is about $500.

"Things have really changed they don't ask for candy like they use to a hundred years ago, yeah it's really really changed," Santa said.

Even though price of tech-savvy presents are high, Santa said most boys and girls around Siouxland have made it to the nice list because they still remember the meaning of Christmas.

"Cause you get to spend time with your family and you get presents and you get to eat," said Calvillo.

Santa has just a few more hours before he makes his way to the North Pole.

He'll be at the Southern Hills Mall Tuesday (12/24) from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M.

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