Late Start? Sioux City Schools Object to Proposed School Start Delay

Tourism in Iowa could be making a big impact with state legislature when it comes to students returning to school.

A recent petition headed by the Iowa State Fair is calling for legislators to be more strict when it comes to the mandatory September 1st start date.

Currently, out of the 348 school districts in Iowa, 340 apply for and receive a waiver which allows them to start on August 15.

The push comes in hopes that more students and their families will be available to visit the state fair at the end of summer.

"Not looking at student achievement, but instead making our priorities for student education actually be focused on State Fair and tourism dollars...I'm not sure that's the priority structure we should be looking at. Whatever the decision is, let's make it, get it over with, and let's put all of our energy and our effort and focus back on student achievement where it belongs," said Sioux City Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Gausman.

Sioux City Schools prefer an August start date to finish the first semester by the holiday season and avoid a re-teaching and acclamation road bump after the break.