Le Mars Native Helps Save 4th of July Parade

Yankee Doodle, pointy hats and American flags--all common themes of the morning's festivities in Le Mars. But it almost didn't happen. "Well, this is a tradition that Le Mars has had for years. We're very proud, especially on the 4th of July, honoring our veterans. We get a nice turn out. People love parades in this town. We try to do a good job of getting a good attendance and they enjoy it," said Mayor Dick Kirchoff. It's the 4th of July and folks across the country are celebrating our nation's independence and right here in Siouxland a local tradition was saved largely due to the effort of one Le Mars native.The 4th of July parade was dropped last year until Glada Koerselman stepped in.

"Wosmer Post always did it. They voted no in March and didn't tell anyone because the man that was pushing it died. His name was Don Law. So, two weeks before the 4th last year we found out they weren't doing it. So, we said we'll do it. The two of us," said Koerselman.

Glada identifies herself as both a preservationist and proud American.

With her efforts, it was only fitting that she was one of the first floats in the parade.And she had a simple message about why it was so important to preserve this historic event.

"Happy Birthday United States. It's our birthday," she said.

For folks like Glada, this parade was extra special.