Local Bakery Could See Trouble; Pro-Life Groups Call for Girl Scout Cookies Boycott

They're almost as American as apple pie.

But now some folks have soured on Girl Scout cookies, even urging a boycott.
Several pro-life groups are planning to cut off the famous cookies and that could have an impact right here at home.

The anti-abortion groups believe the Girl Scouts organization has endorsed pro-choice politicians and beliefs through social media.

Now, these same groups are hoping to convince you not to buy the cookies, which could mean low production and sales for Interbake, a North Sioux City bakery.

The Caramel deLites and Thin Mints are stirring up taste buds, but Interbake isn't the reason why.

Instead, it's the tweets and posts from the Girl Scouts of America that have gotten pro-life advocates fired up.

The social media posts link to an article recognizing Senator Wendy Davis (D- Fort Worth) and Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, both strong supporters of abortion rights.

That link is now center to the claim that the 102-year-old organization is supporting abortion rights and causes.

But Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa told Siouxland News that the article was a way to promote dialogue and female leadership to their girl scouts.

"Girl Scouts as an organization does not focus on politics. We don't focus on issues that are best dealt with in a family setting and issues like decisions, private decision that need to be made by a female is something that she should deal with her family and that's not something that Girl Scouts advocates for or against," said Antoinette Bernich, director of marketing for the Iowa division.

Despite that stance, the Family Leader says if the organization is in fact promoting abortion there's greater issue at hand.

"There is no right to kill an unborn child that's a wrong. It's not a right and so to expose two point two million girls in the Girl Scouts to the wrong of abortion and call it a right is a grave injury to their souls, and to their bodies and to the bodies of any babies they would conceive," said Vice President Chuck Hurley.

People we spoke with had their own opinion about the cookies role in this growing controversy.

"Uh, kind of dumb because everybody loves getting cookies brought to the door to 'em and its not a good assumption to think somebody supporting Girl Scouts would also support abortion," said Steven Trujillo.

"I was a Girl Scout and they never said anything about that, so I would be all for Girl Scouts selling cookies," said veteran Girl Scout Robin Schmidt.

"It seems a little bizarre; doesn't it? I mean, when-- truth is variable, when one person's truth is not another person's truth, but I'd have to do my own research, as I do, and look it up and say is this the truth," Richard Poole said.

"Unless you've been in a position, where an abortion becomes an option that you look at, you don't know what it feels like. And so I think it's hard to judge people without being in their shoes. I think it's important to know where people come from before you judge 'em,"said Molly Henshaw.

The main producer of all the cookies, Interbake, is a local division of ABC Bakers, who's been baking the cookies for more than 70 years.

The South Dakota branch has produced millions of boxes of the staple cookies over the last 8 years and a nationwide boycott could affect their business.

The company declined to comment at this time, we'll have to wait to see what happens over the next few days during National Cookie Weekend.

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