Local Business Owners Open Up New Market A Second Time Around

It's a renewed attempt to keep a grocery store open on Sioux City's near Northside. But what's different this time?

When the Fareway Store at 18th and Nebraska closed a few years ago, some local business people and the city stepped up to try and keep a grocery store in the area.

But two years after the Select Food Market opened in the old Fareway building, the owners decided they had to make a change in order to stay in business.

And today, they unveiled that change. It's a new, discount food store that's tied into the "Save-A-Lot" food chain.

"Price and quality and customer service that's.We hang our hand on that," said Kelly Thornton, Save-A-Lot District Manager.

That is the mantra and mission of the new and first Save-A-Lot grocery store in the area. Today, City officials and invited guests formally opened the market and welcomed it into the community.

Business is already booming and keeping the customer as their first priority.

"Soon as you walk in the door, we're gonna greet you make sure that everything is okay. When you're walking around the store we're going to make sure that you're finding everything that you want and make sure that when you leave the store you're experience is a good one," said Danica Moore, Save-A-Lot Office Manager.

At the market, you can find everything from produce and fruits to this machine here where you can refill your recycled gallons with clean, purified water and all at a low cost but that's not all.

While shopping at Save-A-Lot, you'll not only find great prices you'll also find quality products.

"We have all the basic household names. You can get the produce, you can get the dairy, you can get all that canned food," said Ahsan Alahi, president and owner of Sioux City's Save-A-Lot.

Customers seem to agree with Alahi and see a difference between the options available at this market, compared to others.

" A hundred percent better than when Fareways was here (laughs). It's cleaner, feels better, everything is arranged nice, and it's easy to find stuff,"said Norman Lias.

Save-A-Lot hopes to bring in more local customers to take advantage of all the deals and prices the store has to offer.

Save-A-Lot is open for business throughout the week and for the Fourth of July.

Sioux City now becomes one of more than 14 hundred stores in the Save-A-Lot chain.