Local Candidates Gear Up for City Council Election

This was the last day for people who want a seat on the city council to file their papers. Eight candidates will be running for just 3 spots.

Council members John Fitch and Tom Padgett have had their run with City Council. So this year they're not seeking re-election leaving two seats wide open.

That 3rd seat is Keith Radig's and he is running for re-election but a few of the candidates are just excited to get kick off their campaigns.

Lawyer and long-time Sioux Citian, Dan Moore, current Sioux City School Board member Doug Batcheller - who's term is over this year and former Western Iowa Tech Instructor Maria Rundquist are just three of the candidates running in October's primary.

Moore says his main focus if elected will be economic development and creating jobs.

"What's important for me is for people to get to know who I am and how I think so that they can see that I have common sense, they can see that I'm a problem solver and they can see that I'm a good listener," said Moore.

Batcheller said his history with the School Board shows he's a dedicated community leader.

"You get a conception of how to build consensus and how to provide leadership, how to take input and how to use data to make good decisions and the School Board in Sioux City has done a wonderful job in the last 15 years or so in maintaining its budget and expanding its finances in an appropriate fashion," said Batcheller.

Rundquist has been on the board of several local organizations including the Siouxland Community Health center and Sioux city Chamber Music. She wants to see more people utilizing their right to vote.

"I would like to see more people get involved, especially the Hispanic people - get involved, get out and vote, read on the candidates, search on websites and read their literature. This is democracy in America and it's so valuable," she said.

A primary election will be held October 8,2013 and the general election is November 5th, 2013. Eight people have filed to run for the City Council. We'll bring you more on the remaining candidates in the coming weeks. They're Pete Groetken, Chris Baltushis, James France and Thomas Venesky.