Local Church Crafts Christmas Baskets For Those in Need

A local church is trying to make sure those in need get a merry Christmas.

Members of the Faith Christian Fellowship Family Church are putting together boxes of food for families and toys for children.

The goal is to touch the lives of 300 Siouxland children.

Everything has been purchased by funds from the church or donated by its members.

Pastor Robert Amuse says they've done this for many years and the most rewarding part is getting to see the difference they make in someone's life.

"We've seen many, many tears flow from their eyes... and to think that somebody cared about them. A lot of people are out there and they get by themselves and alone and don't have any money and they think that nobody cares. So when they're touched by the heart that the church does for them it really blesses them. But the real thanks is giving to and watching the children's face when they open the presents," Amuse said.

Families are welcome to sign up every day for the rest of the week from 10AM to 3PM at the church at 809 South Alice Street, or they can call the church at 712-253-7143 or 712-253-7159 to talk to pastor Bob or Donna.