Gay Marriage: Lesbian Couple Support President

The president has supported many rights for same sex couples - but when asked about marriage, he would only say that his position was evolving. But, it looks as if his decision has fully evolved. That issue really hits home for a couple in Sioux City.

Their household looks like an average American home. The only difference is this house has two moms instead of one - meet Chrissy and Annette McCalmont.

Chrissy says getting legally married was an important step in her relationship with God.

"I felt in my life, whatever I did right or wrong, I was raised with the values to love the Lord, that God's commandments were important, that marriage was approved by God. And that's why I wanted us to be married," she said.

She says President Obama gave her a very special gift.

"He took the step today to say you're important, to me, your lives are important, and your relationships and marriages matter to me, and I thank God for him, that he took that step today whether it affects him in the polls or not, the personal gift that he gave to me today has touched my heart forever," Chrissy said.

Patrick McKinlay, a political science professor at Morningside College says he doesn't think this will impact the President come November.

"Maybe in some of the battle ground states, this may be one of those issues, wedge issues on both sides; however I think this is just one of many issues that voters have to consider when they go to the polls," he said.

However the election plays out in the fall, Chrissy and Annette feel this is a step in the right direction.

"That's why it's so difficult, and it's such a hard journey, and it's hard to come out, and it's hard to be who you are, because you're afraid, because you know the adversity you're going to face," Chrissy said.

And now with the President behind them, they can be who they say, they were born to be.

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