Local Florists Push the Petal to the Metal for Valentine's Day.

It's the one day of the year a lot of folks pull out all the stops for their loved one.
And for some that means buying flowers.
Phones are ringing non-stop, all day and it's no surprise to florists around town.
At the Hamilton Hy-Vee, the staff has been prepping for these calls. "It's been crazy. It's been very crazy. It's just been non-stop going, going, going," said Abigail Gors, a clerk in the Floral Department. "And we've been taking orders for weeks in advance, so they've been taking a lot of their time. Our designers have been coming in at 5 o'clock in the morning and leaving at 5 or 6 at night just to make sure that everyone's designs are beautiful and perfect and the way they want." Over at Step in Thyme Florals, time is of the essence.
Several drivers are tasked with making it on time for coordinated surprises and meanwhile the office staff is manning the fort to take last-minute orders. On their busiest day, Valentine's Day, Step in Thyme Florals will average anywhere between 300 to 500 orders and that ranges from anything like a dozen roses to a box of chocolates to more intricate arrangements. Customers say they'll pay a pretty penny for these flowers. "People can say it's too commercial but I mean who can have too much love in their life. So we really try to take a pause in our life and celebrate my husband and my baby and our family together and take the time. Why not? It doesn't hurt anything to celebrate a little more love," said Erin Small as she chuckled.
"I try to be spontaneous and we also wanted to-to try and support local businesses so I got candy from Palmers, a massage from uh Moore um Spa and some flowers here from the Step in Thyme," said Adrian Cordovi, who just picked his order. One customer in particular said even without the roses, her day would still be magical that's because this Valentine's Day is her wedding day. "You know, we-- I've dated this gentleman for 5 and half years and when we thought of a day to get married I thought what a perfect day, if any. It would be a great day to celebrate year after year for many years to come," said bride-to-be Fran Wetzbarger. Love is all around and on this holiday it's enough for florists to cash in.
It's estimated the retail industry, which includes florists, will make nearly $17 billion dollars this year.
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