Local Ford Dealership Not Following National Sales Trend

(SIOUX CITY, IA) The plunging temperatures in January have caused plunging sales for the automotive industry Nationally.

The three biggest auto companies all reported national sales declines last month.
But here in Siouxland that may not be the case. We found one local dealership that said this January was its best ever.

So what gives?

Midwesterners may argue their blood is a little thicker so these cold temperatures are not so bad. It also may be the lack of snow Siouxland has seen compared to East Coast cities, whatever the reason may be Sioux City Ford Lincoln has seen a spike in sales. Quite opposite of the National trend.

Nationwide, Ford, G-M, Toyota and Volkswagen all reported sales drops.

"Traditionally January is a slower month in the car business but actually we had our best January ever," said Same Burrish, the Marketing Manager for Sioux City Ford Lincoln.

The company saw a 10% increase in new car sales this past January compared to January 2013. Since the pit of the recession in 2008, it's seen a 200% increase. Sam says the reason behind all that growth is the business model.

"We just put our lowest price out there up front and that way people can know the actual price and shop on their time. It's just a more convenient way that eliminates a lot of the traditionally unpleasant parts of the car business," he said.

Like haggling your way through the sale -- we all know that's never fun.
Sam says the popularity of Fords lately also helps.

"Fords new fusion has been doing very well. The F-150 and other trucks are always popular in the upper Midwest. So, we have a great inventory of those on hand and we've been fortunate that those are the vehicles people have been shopping for," said Burrish.

As for the challenge of selling cars in single digit weather, there's a way around that too.

"We'll bring the vehicle inside, get it all warmed up and ready to go. It's just a nice way to not have the walk the lot and spend time outside," he said.

Like this week, when Siouxland is expected to get its first decent amount of snow this season.

In January, Ford sales were down 7% across the country, GM saw a 12% decrease.
Chrysler fared better with an 8% increase despite the storms back East.