Local YMCA Participates in World Record Attempt

(SOUTH SIOUX CITY, NE) Show and tell will be interesting for some Siouxland kids this fall. They'll be able to say they helped break a world record over the summer!

YMCAs across the nation,including ours, have coordinated with a global effort to have the world's largest simultaneous swim lesson.

130 summer camp participants got to join with 15 countries on 5 continents to get involved. Around 25,000 participants are expected worldwide, all in an effort to raise awareness for safety when it comes to kids swimming.

"No matter where kids are at, whether they're at the beach or in their backyard. If there's no lifeguard on duty, obviously we want to help prevent drowning; which is one of the top, leading unintentional causes of death for kids," Chris DeRoin of the Norm Waitt, Sr. YMCA told us.

This is the second year the Y-M-C-A has been involved with the world-record event.