Look Up! It Could Save Your House or Car from a Fallen Tree!

(SIOUX CENTER, IA) The aftermath of Tuesday's storm left many trees and branches split in half around Siouxland.Houses and cars unfortunately took a hit in Sioux Center. Some trees were completely uprooted and falling into the street and one limb even smashed through the front windshield of a car.


(SIOUX CITY, IA) Although the damage wasn't nearly as bad here in Sioux City we still saw our fair share of broken branches.

But tree trimmers say there's a way to protect your house and car from becoming part of the aftermath.

When you step out your front often do you look up...?
Sure, after a storm it's only natural to assess the damage but Ray Redding, a local tree trimmer says it's important to keep an eye on the trees in your yard before it's too late.

"If you see something dead or you see something broken it's a sign saying it needs to be trimmed. Taken care of as soon as you can. Because it's not going to get any better it's just going to get worse and bigger. You may see a little branch one day the next day it's going to be a big branch," says Redding.

When a tree like the one you see behind me covered in freezing rain the branches and limbs get heavier and much easier to snap.

Which is exactly what happened at a house in morningside.

"The ice built up on the tree branch and came down. We didn't hear any noise. We saw the damage here after we woke up. We're always thankful when we don't have trees hit the house. I did have some tree damage in the front of the yard a number of years ago that did hit the house and do minor damage," says Larry Vaydich, a homeowner in Morningside.

Although Larry got lucky Redding says broken tree limbs can be disastrous.

"It could kill somebody easily. Or property damage, car damage. Trees can kill somebody like that," says Redding.

Not to mention the cost. Redding says it costs about $300 to get your trees trimmed which is a bargain compared to the alternative.

"That's good for years. It's a lot cheaper rather than coming here and having to do this. I mean this is way out of hand. And this I would presume costs quite a bit. A lot more than what it would have," says Redding.

This tree will take three hours to trim up and because it's dead it will eventually have to be taken down.

If you need to get that tree taken down or trimmed but money is tight contact your insurance company. it's always worth the phone call to see if it may help you out.

If you've got questions concerning tree's you can contact Jeff's Tree Service: