Lynn Zerschling Retires From Sioux City Journal After 28 Years

Sioux City Journal City Hall reporter Lynn Zerschling is retiring Friday.

And with retirement near, the veteran reporter spent her last hours meeting her final deadline Friday afternoon.

It's no surprise to most who know Zerschling that she found her footing in the field.

Reporting runs in the family. Her mother Louise was a reporter for the Journal for years. And after years of hanging out and watching the craft, Zerschling said she picked up a few tricks to the trade, now 42 years later has become a staple in the field.

During Lynn's 4 decades in the businesses, she spent stints with newspapers in Lincoln and Omaha before returning home, where she's been with the journal for 28 years.

With her final deadline up, Lynn reflected on her impact throughout the past two decades.

" I think some sadness. I will miss being a reporter. I'm going to continue my column- my weekly column, every other week. The publisher and editor have asked me to do that so I'm not sure what I'll be writing about, but I think I will remember all the people who have been so gracious to me through the years who have granted me interviews and have answered questions for the most part when they we're difficult to answer," said Zerschling.

Later next month her "Spectator" column will continue to appear in the Journal every other Thursday.

On behalf of Siouxland News, Lynn thank you for a job well done and best wishes moving forward. OR